Monday, January 21, 2013

FastFood Junkie Goodbye?

For so long and until now, I am a certified fastfood addict. Breakfast is defined only in two terms, Jollibee and Mcdonalds. There was even a time when, in straight 5 days, I ate pancakes with sausage for breakfast.

I am a fastfood junkie but God knows I am trying to break it sometimes. Haha. And tonight, is, one of them. Believe me, this is my only food for dinner.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mabinay Spring, Neg.Or.

Third stop after the relaxing overnight stay in Tirambulo is Mabinay Spring.

Kayaking is in the list of their adventures. But since I have done it in Tirambulo, I opted to pass.

The zipline. What a way to cap my unplanned 2-day adventure. Extreme!

Whew! Til next time!

Tirambulo Highland Resort, Mabinay, Neg.Or.

Next stop after Mag-aso is a highland resort in the neighboring town, Mabinay. Yes the two towns are next to each other but both belong to a different province. We call them borderline. Mabinay is already part of the Oriental Negros.

Tirambulo Highland Resort is named after its owner who used to be the Mayor of the town. The resort is around 5-minute walk from the highway.

You will know that you have arrived when you see this huge, serene, and placid lake.

From the gate, you will be greeted with fresh, cold air, comforting your tired breathing. Take time to walk slowly. The thick orchard stand tall in the pavement allowing only a friendly amount of sunlight to keep you warm.

That smile said it all.

Kayaking here is like recharging. Or emptying. So if one wants to write a book in utter silence, this is your place.

My cottage. Even when you are inside the room, you can hear the soothing sound of flowing water. And I have to mention that their water is chilling cold. They dont have hot shower. And by the way, globe signal ranged from nil to one bar. Absolutely no wifi.

Next time, I have to try spelunking.

Mag-aso Falls in Kabangkalan, Neg.Occ.

I envision 2013 to be a year that's full of wonderful wanderings. Today, January 13, 2013 kicks-off my Negros tour. First stop - Mag-aso Falls.

I think that the best way to deepen our sense of environmentalism is to see (or even touch, smell, and listen) the beauty outside our fence. If we happen to set our senses on the beautifully intricate wonders of nature, realization will start to crawl in us, at the very least, to preserve a gift like its most expensive we ever receive. Or that feeling of being so special and loved having given a gift as panoramic such as this waterfalls in Barangay Oringao, Kabangkalan City. Only then, we can truly become good stewards of nature. There is still HOPE!

Allow me to introduce first my new travel buddy. A black Hawk bag dashed with bright yellow color.

This is the entrance of the resort. According to my tourguide, it got its name, Mag-aso because when it rains, the waterfalls forms thick mists in the air and appear as smoke or "aso" in the dialect.

This is the biggest pool in the resort, among three. Two are kiddie pools.

A view of the waterfalls from a far.

I am on top of a huge rock, of which I made a not-so-smooth climb that it caused a commotion after I stumbled and fell. My left shoe got wet. But there's no stopping me from having that picture. And with that smile, who says that I just fell few seconds ago?

Meet my tour-guide-slash-photographer.

The mini-water falls as the background

The resort has only two cottages. Reservations have to be made if you plan to stay overnight. Although camping with a tent is not bad at all. Entrance fee is only twenty five pesos. A must-see destination especially for family bonding.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Move Bacolod: Part 2 After Bacolod literally Moved!

When a 5.8 magnitude earthqauke hit Western Visayas, of which the epicenter was in Cauayan, Negros Occidental, last Nov 14, 2012, I was in the 4th floor of MM Auditorium in La Salle. Maria Ressa and company are doing rounds of talk all over the country; of which in Bacolod they target to discuss the long history of political dynasties in the province. It was tagged Move Bacolod. When everything was set, suddenly, we felt the ground moving, and the white wide screen on stage swaying. Everyone went down as instructed. We stayed in the open ground. It was drizzling that time. The waiting lasted for around 20 minutes and then we were given the go signal to climb back to the venue. From where I was seated, I could see the confusion among the organizers whether to push thru or postpose the event. Five minutes later, someone went up the stage, and gleefully announced that the program will finally start. We were happy. Someone sang "Who Am I" for the invocation and the National Anthem was played. And then a Campus officer climbed up the stage, told us to vacate the campus ASAP, as an SOP. The students were happy. I wasn't. After all, 2 cab rides going to the venue is a considerable fortune.

After months of waiting, Move Bacolod is set again. See you all!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

College Volleyball Superstars!

My oldest memory on Volleyball dates back in high school. Under the shade of the huge umbrella-like trees, my classmates and I would form two lines, parallel to each other, after class or during breaks. And then we toss the ball, to and fro. No spiking allowed. Whoever throws the ball out will be out as well. He should removed himself from the line. Whoever cannot control the urge to spike gets eliminated too. Some classmates would quarrel with the group when they refuse to be temporarily evicted from the game. Of which these attempts would end up only a waste of time. In case of any protest, I get the ball and stay in the middle. The game will not proceed unless that war-freak removes himself. And because of that, my classmates labeled me the volleyball master, sometimes, the unfair volleyball player. I did not really mind.

I remember one time during a Regional meet, I fearlessly climbed a rusting barbwire to be able to watch the championship game.

Last year, during the Unigames, I never missed any significant game. Day one, I was already actively involved, like I am a player, or an organizer, of that sort. It was in UNO-R, where Ateneo butchered the local UNO-R team. Then hours after, I would transfer to USLS for more games. I saved the schedule in my iPad so I could check the important battles. And that lasted for a week. I ate breakfast and lunch in the venues. I gulped and sipped my coffee in between breaks. It was then that I discovered the English Cafe near the Coliseum and Zen Tea across the USLS campus.

Watching volleyball is just too much to ignore. Perhaps, I am made up of Volleyball cells. Or volleyball genes. Many laughed when I posted in facebook, that after a 1-week overdose of watching LIVE volleyball, I can confidently say that I like Volleyball, I love Volleyball, and well, I am Volleyball! Why not?

UAAP season 75 is on-going. And these are the current college Volleyball Superstars today! Watching them play is jaw-dropping, spine-chilling, and vocally-draining!

So We Are Getting There

New year. New beginnings.

After my last post in 2012 where I mentioned about the use of styro for my Mcdo pancakes, this made me smile. Indeed we are getting there! Clap! Clap! Clap!

And jollibee too! So how about another clap of hands?