Sunday, August 8, 2010

Riverside Toastmasters Club holds 32nd Induction, Installation Rites

Riverside Toastmasters Club holds 32nd Induction, Installation Rites

By: Jay Cris D. Famoso

The Riverside Toastmasters Club held its 32nd Installation of Officers and Induction of New Members last August 07, 2010, at Majestic Hall, Grand Regal Hotel. The inducting officer was the Governor of Division D, Competent Communicator Meliton Sillador, Jr.

On the theme, “As One We Rise and Go The Distance”, the keynote speaker Atty. Andrea Lizares Si spoke on the relevance of working as a team in achieving the goals of the club and the members as well. She emphasized that in toastmasters, everyone’s effort in achieving competence in communication and leadership will eventually translate to the success of the club. Atty. Andrea Lizares Si, a Competent Toastmaster, is a Past President of the club.

For the Toastmaster Year 2010-2011, the elected officers of the Club are, Jay Cris Famoso, CC – President; Deanna Mae Nonato, CC – VP Education; Jam Grandea, CTM – VP Membership; Adelyn Sia, ATMB – VP Public Relations; Secretary – Jojo Samera, TM; Treasurer – Glory Hernia, CTM; and Sgt-at-Arms – Kim Pedrosa, TM. The Immediate Past President is TM Jess Quiatchon.

The newly inducted members are Toastmasters Jojo Samera, Kim Pedrosa, Ching Lopingco, Rudy Aragon, and Ellen Mae Donesa.

The Riverside Toastmasters Club is a communication and leadership club which holds a regular meeting at Planters’ Den of Sugarland Hotel every Saturday at 7:00 PM. It serves as a speaking laboratory for individuals who inspire to hone their communicative competence using the English language as the medium. For inquiries on how to become members may contact the President thru 09175593325.


(This is my inaugural speech delivered during the 32nd Installation of Officers and Induction of New Members of Riverside Toastmasters Club on August 07, 2010, at Majestic Hall, Grand Regal Hotel. Our keynote speaker was Atty. Andrea Lizares Si, CTM on the theme, "As One We Rise and Go The Distance").

A lot of times I was asked, why Riverside. For the longest time, I actually lied when I said, Saturdays fit my schedule. No…The truth is, Riverside is a better name compared to blah…blah…blah…Not to mention, the fact that it is the most prestigious club along Araneta Street, according to TM Mario.

From the time I joined toastmasters in 2007, during the presidency of Past Division Governor Lorna Espartero, three years after, I still consider that my joining the organization is one of the best things that happened to me and probably one of the reasons why God led me to the city of Smiles.

Fellow toastmasters, let me tell you …that I am an addict…of toastmasters! For clarity and better understanding, my addiction is spelled as attending 4 meetings in a week; Monday with Square and Compass, Thursday with First Farmers, Friday with Barangay, and Saturday in our club. I remember I delivered my first three basic prepared speeches one week after the other. A toastmaster addict has the guts to deliver speeches in other club meetings. Moreover, he is someone who evaluates toastmasters who are advanced both in their norm and in age. That is I. Proud be to a toastmaster addict.

And now the addict becomes the President!

Last Saturday I was asked in the table topics session, how would I want to be remembered as a President. I felt that this is the same topic that this speech is all about.

Barbra Streisand in her song Somewhere, sang, but please don’t allow me to sing, “There’s a time for us. A place and a time for us”. Another individual by the name Stephen Grellet also said "I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

They say, there are three things by which you can be immortal. One is, plant a tree. Second is, write a book. Third is, procreate. I would like to add in the list. Fourth is, be a President of a Toastmasters Club. If you look at the program, past presidents’ name are printed at the back. Five years from now…Ten Years from now…Those names will still be remembered and honored.

This year along with the flight of the Phoenix, Riverside will rise and go the distance. The distance will be determined by the flight of every member. I’d say the club cannot rise and cannot fly without the unified strength of all members. Indeed our members are our greatest asset. We will provide mentors for our new members. We will enrich our regular meetings by making sure that members will deliver basic and advance prepared speeches! We will invite more guests and convert them members. This is because we believe that toastmasters make individuals better communicator and better leader. We will always give evaluations that are inspiring and motivational. One that will kiss first, then kick, but of course, end with a kiss. We will make sure that everyone upholds the standards of toastmasters international. This year, let us all go to Cagayan de Oro City to attend the Midyear Convention and Manila next year for the District Convention. This will then translate my vision of making this club, Riverside Toastmasters Club, a President’s Distinguished Club for 2010-2011, a reality.

We all want to leave a legacy. A memento. A special mark. Because we can be president only once. Although we can be recycled, the first will be always be more special. Such as our first kiss and our first love. Just like TM Toto, his first date was under a guava tree.

I should say we are already rising. After one month, the club has produced one competent communicator, Deanna Mae Nonato and enlisted 2 new members, TM Jojo Samera and TM Kim Pedrosa. We have just started. The challenge should propel us to keep going even the going gets tough! Let us soar higher! Higher than we think we can!

From our charter date, November 01, 1978 until today, the Riverside Toastmasters Club will always be a cornerstone of excellence in public speaking and leadership. The likes of Andy Hagad, Jocelle Batapa Sigue, Andrea Lizares Si, Mario Pao, and many others are proofs that in this club, Excellence is not an option. Excellence is a must because Excellence matters! And excellence is Riverside Toastmasters Club. As One We Rise and Go The Distance!