Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Area 33 Speech Contest

If you think old toastmasters don’t feel the jitters in contests, think again!

I joined my first toastmasters contest in 2008. That was also the year I joined the organization. You are partly correct if you think that I don’t have a problem with self confidence. My first contest was the speech to evaluate and that marked my first taste of victory in public speaking being a TM. I was the Area 33 Champion in Evaluation.

Since then, joining contests becomes a yearly activity. I have a confession though. Every year, the nervousness is always there. Many would like to think that when you’re doing it every year, it becomes easier year after year. Not at all! Believe me. The more pressure there is when you are ahead of the others. One time, while we were at the lobby of Sugarland waiting for our turn to speak in the Table Topics, I remarked to another contestant, “Contest is torture and yet why are we here?”

Francis Kong shed light on that question. Taking risks stretches us. It makes us see a better picture of what we can possibly do. It makes us discover new things about ourselves. It makes us grow. It magnifies us.

So I decided this year to join in three contests; Table Topics, Speech to Evaluate, and Prepared International Speech Contests. This meant more standing that sitting down. This meant faster heartbeat than anyone else in the room. This meant more chances of winning. The more entries you send, the more chances of winning!

I could see the scrutinizing eyes of everyone present. I heard one said, "Ara na naman c Jay oh!"

The results of the contests are detailed below. Congratulations to the winners! Up next is the Division Contest – another round of being “On the Edge”.

Area 33 is one of the 3 areas of Division D, headed by Area Gov. Glory Hernia, ACB. It is composed of 4 clubs namely, Bacolod Square and Compass TMC, Lopez Sugar TMC, Kauswagan TMC, and my club Riverside TMC. The judges were DTM Ro Leonora (Chief Judge), ACB Meliton Sillador (Div D Governor), CC Lorna Espartero (Past Div Governor), CTM Cherrie Grace Abkilan (Immediate Past Division Governor, and ACG Melinda Sisles (Past Area 31 Governor).

Winners in the Table Topics Contest: Champion - CC Jay Cris Famoso (Riverside TMC); 2nd Place - CC Jackie Rubin (Riverside TMC)

Winners in the Speech to Evaluate Contest: Champion - CC Jay Cris Famoso (Riverside TMC); 2nd Place - CC Jess Quiatchon (Riverside TMC)

Winners in the Humorous Speech Contest: Champion - TM Oscar Esler (Bacolod Square and Compass TMC); ACG Pope Jalandoon (Bacolod Square and Compass TMC)

Winners in the Prepared International Speech Contest: Champion - CTM Mario Pao (Riverside TMC); 2nd Place - CC Jay Cris Famoso (Riverside TMC)


jabez said...

See you Sunday fr the Division Contest. I'll be TM of the day :D hehehe!!!

Jay Cris said...

I know! haha! see you!

Anonymous said...

congrats sir!

Jay Cris said...

thanks anonymous. will u remain anonymous forever? hehe

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