Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Costa Aguada is in Inampulugan Island, Guimaras. According to our lady guide, it is called as such because it is the largest among the islets in the area, thus Inampulugan or "ina ng mga pulo". From Bacolod City we travelled to Pulupandan to sail on board a relatively large pump boat. The trip took around 45 minutes. The waves were a little obedient and I thank God for it. We just left the shoreline in this picture.
Cruising the pristine blue waters, we passed by an island with a crocodile shape, thus it got its name, Crocodile Island.

This is already Inampulugan Island.

This is Costa Aguada's frontal view. We have just docked in their private small port with a narrow bridge made of bamboo. It felt good walking on it as you wander your eyes around this newfound paradise.

Here we stand in the sands of Costa Aguada. From l-r: the author, Lee Baguio, Bambi Asia, and Jorana. After that pose, we were greeted warmly by their staff with necklace made of bamboo leaves while others were singing with the traditional guitar as accompaniment. Very very hospitable staff.

Costa Aguada has rotations in power supply. That means, you have to monitor the battery life of your gadgets. Signal is very very limited. Sometimes none at all. Definitely no wifi signal.  

The Turtle Park. The umbrella is not a prop. It really rained. Pag-asa declared there was storm signal # 1. Thus the Pawikans did not show up. Not even with hand claps. Not even with a bamboo pole.

The whole cast. From l-r: the author, Jorana, little Bambi, Lee Baguio, Bambi, Joeben


Jet said...

Diin gani ang Costa Aguada?

Jay Cris said...

hi jet. i have added captions already in the pictures as storyline/information guide.

Jet said...

No wifi? Oh no? Can't go there... hehe :D

Jay Cris said...

contemplating, introspecting, retrospecting, soul searching, solitude - the place is Costa Aguada. If I write a book in the future, it want it done at Costa Aguada.