Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before Friendster Exits the WWW

Remember testimonials? I thought of posting them here (in toto - a disclaimer? lol).

Marijo Cypril2006-05-09T16:41:49Z
It's your birthday today! Happy, happy birthday! I promised I'd add a testimonial once I discover something new about him. Here goes....he is a person who has a song for every line that you say....he is a very good volleyball player, grabeh maluoy lang ka sa iya kadula, .... he likes nature trekking.... he is one person who is very open to learning new things, he humbly acknowledges it if there is anything that he doesn't know, he loves his little brothers, he likes the songs: Knees to the Earth (Wonderful Saviour) and Above All, undeniably, a gifted and talented child of God. What's more, he is not only gifted but he uses his giftedness to be a gift to others. You are a blessing! Press on! God loves you, no doubt about that. Happy birthday again!Thank God and enjoy life!

Marijo Cypril2006-04-05T17:20:20Z
Hi Jay! At last makawrite nako testimonial for you. Jay--according to the order of my discoveries about him.hehehe ehem....physically attractive, in short, gwapo, nindot ug smile, he is a college instructor, he can dance although iya ideny but i already sam him dance pandanggo,hehehe, he opens up easily, like mushare dayon cya unsa nahitabo sa iya day ug sa iya ideas, so fun to be with, i was never bored when i was with him, maayo mudala conversations, very intelligent--chemist gud, he is good in english, grabeH, he writes well bisan la pa ko kabasa iya nawrite kbalo ko, he sings well but i need to hear it jud na nakamicrophone,most important--he is a good person, he has a strong relationship with the Lord, firm but gentle and dali ra pakataw-on hehehe, naa pud diay cya good sense of humor. Till here lang sa, once i get to know him more, ako lang iupdate. God bless you always. Padayon ta with the Lord ha!No retreat, no surrender. walang iwanan! take care!

SI jay cris, ang dakilang chemist, ako cya amigo sa SU. Si jay cris, maayo kaau mo-tuon, pero dili cya katong type na walay pleasure..maglantaw pud na ug cine, mag-laag na bisag cya ra usa. asa man ka ana. bisag lisod kaau iya course, bahala na, basta malingaw pud cya.Jay, hope to c u soon, and if magkita ta, libre ha...hehe basin ug magkta ta, minyo na ka.haha joke lang po.=)(wala pa man mi ani ga-away, if mag-away ambot lang kaha!)GODSPEED MY FRIEND!

r_o^ s_e**2005-11-01T10:23:55Z
haLo jay! miz u na gud..well hir s my testi pd dayon ni...5 things why i love him..hehehe!1. he loves God 2. he loves his families 3. he loves his friends 4. he makes every person happy 5. he let me see d world w/ hope..char! in addition: he loves singing ... he drinks ( u taught me jay on dat ) he s our salutatorian. he s alredi a chemist! gosh! presently teaching na ni xa sa cebu d nicest thing bout him s dat wala jd dull moments everytym im w/ him kapamilya namo..  hey! as wat rea said "Napundo nako sa amu"...asa naman mo duwa oi...miz u guys na jud! hope 2 c u soon... laag na pud nya ta cebu f naa nata wawart..( kaw sa taya jay kay naa nka worK) seriously, thanks 4 in jud! esp dos tyms i was so down...u reli listened to ol my sentiments...  i hope 2 c u soon & jamming na pd ta.. u take care yaH!!!!

c jay cris... i met him thru a friend and i can say that he's kinda nice nmn.  maganda dw boses nya sbi ni jonafe kya lng plging umiiwas kpg inaaya nming kumanta! hehehe! joke lng cris.. anyways, i understand nmn kc i know  bc cia sa studies nya especially nw finals week. Jay, bsta i will stil wait for you sa haws ok? Hihintayin k nmin ni jona! Ingat ka lagi and stay sweet! c yah! ciao!

ohhhhh si Jay????very fun to be in grabe pud iya energy,,,kusog kau iya voice...and speaking of voice naa ni siyay gitaguan which is his golden voice....basin daw makawat...and you know guys grabe iya confident, and hes gwapo daw, people said..tuo ba ka Jay?????Siguro coz he's tall,smart, intelligent, friendly,confident and has a very good sense of humor....basta ask na lang he's other friends about how he looks.For me he's cute(ehmmmmmmmm......)

Honey Lou2004-06-22T03:12:54Z
Hi Jay!!! Grabe, jay is such a wonderful person "kuno." He is always full of energy. You know when he comes because you can hear his voice from A/S to the Science complex. (heheheh) Peace kid!!!!!!!! Jay is very talented and very  intelligent. Master in all Chemistry subjects and not only that, he is also master in physics, mathematics and his favorite..... singing!!!! He has a < golden voice "kuno" and I know he has a  future in singing. But his field is in Chemistry... and I  can already see him in big factories  making his new discovery of anything and everything!!!!!!!

mmmmmm....c jai? ay if u only know him.he wud sing all the time ay hehehe not all the time pro pagmagkuyog mi wla jud oras na d na sya mo kanta..ana cya mas tsada sya og voice nko??  hhmmmmmm... pro dli jud ko reklamo kung muana sya mas bright sya nko..hehehe..btaw its true..especially sa chem laliman ka, TRES above ang grado nya mam pol ang titser..whew!!  not only in chem but also in almost all subjects..hes not only intelligent diay gwapo sad na sya..ay tanawa d ba taas kau og nose..pag gani mi  maglakw kmi duha kuyog ana dayon ng  makakita.."imo uyab to gwapo na taas og ilong?" ana pud ko "waaaaaattttt? helo?  c jai?" hehehehe...btaw jai..tanx for being a good friend..a

He is such a good buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full of joke, joke, the  great bonus, grabeeee he sings so well, especially the song "KAILAN KAYA..." but unfortunately he's trying to memorize the complete lyrics yet, he!he! he!. At first you may find him so high,  na as if di cya mareach....but actually  he's an approachable one. He's a person with sense, he could be your  teacher...your brother and your true friend. Friend na as in can be your  undying textmate too. He will really  send you messages that would touch your life and will make you smile all day long...Nakakainspire cyang tao, he's fun of experiencing something new and  he almost questions everything. Great learner d ba??? Well...talking about his physical features, d naman nakakalau sa inangkin nyang pic.Tall,smart and handsome  talaga!!!honestly speaking yan ha. I  think talaga many girls will be running after him. hoping lang na he will not  run from them,ha!ha!ha!

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