Friday, February 15, 2013

Macmac's First Exposure

February 14, 2013 - I held my newest toy. I named it Macmac.

Photo courtesy of Daister Marie Decinal.

Inspired by the biggest crocodile in Puerto Princesa, I gave the name Macmac to my new travel buddy, my Nikon D5100. Macmac's first public exposure was yesterday at MO2 doing what I love to do - my greatest talent!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cruising the Underground River

Day 3, January 09, 2013 was the big day. Fittingly the last. It's time to go spelunking and river cruising at the same time. And finally, the grand view of what is considered one of the 7 new wonders of the world will be ours to experience!

The Underground river is a 2-hour long drive from the city proper of Puerto Princesa. Its location is in Barangay Sabang.

We left the city at 8am. Halfway through, we passed by the elepahant cave.

We arrived in Barangay Sabang around 10:30 am because we had 2 short stops: snacks and picture taking. Something that we love doing!

The wharf is along this shoreline. We had buffet lunch first before we went to the other side of the island. That is where the mouth of the Undeground River is.

The boat ride was quite fast, around 15 minutes, and it was a bumpy ride. I was partially soaked with seawater.

This shoreline is the gateway to the mouth of the Underground River.

The mouth of the Underground River. Fish can be seen by the naked eye.

A closer view.

All gears ready and a smile. Here we go!

I was the one tasked to hold the one and only flashlight for our tour. So I was seated in the front row.

It was very dark inside. So our only source of light came from what I was holding. So that gave me the privilege to see what I wanted to see. Although sometimes, instructions were given by the boatman/guide in cases of spectular formations inside the cave. There was a Nativity scene, a burning candle, mushroom, okra, Mary, Jesus, etc.

Drops of water were everywhere. We were told not to open our mouth when we look up. Our boatman further said that it is luckier to feel a cold drop of water than a warm one. Haha!

The Underground River cruise took 45 minutes. And it is truly majestic! I lost count of my Wows! I am so proud I am a Filipino!

Island Hopping at Honda Bay

Day 2 of our Puerto Princesa trip is Island Hopping at Honda Bay. Its original name is Onda meaning deep. Something got lost in the translation.

Eight other guests joined us in the boat from other countries.

The water was so friendly. Even at high noon.

Our firs stop was at adobo Island. There was nothing in it except a destroyed nipa hut. When the boat touched the sand ready for the guests to step down, our tour guide was surprised. No one moved except him. Haha.

Luli Island was our second stop. Luli for lulubog lilitaw. When its high tide, the island literally disappears.

The beautiful Cowrie Island was our third and final stop. The sand is white and powdery. We had lunch here and stayed the longest.

They have all kinds of liquor; from light to heavy and fruit shakes. I had mango shake.

Day two was full of sun that I think I became two tones darker! Haha.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Puerto Princesa City Tour

Bacolod - Cebu - Puerto Princesa.

Thursday, Feb 7, 2013. Touchdown at around 12 noon. Our cebu pacific plane arrived earlier than our ETA. It was then that I remember my city, Dumaguete, when we approached the runway. The descend started while we were above the sea. While the plane was about to kiss the runway, I can almost see wha was underneath the sea. This is exactly the Dumaguete set-up. You would thought that you will land in the water.

Puerto Princesa has a relatively small airport. It was very sunny. So I had to walk with my umbrella. Well, I was the only one with the umbella.

The tour started inPlaza Cuertel. This is where the American Soldiers were set on fire during the Japanese War.

This is the Puerto Princesa Cathedral.

This is in Iwahig Penal Colony. This is where they display the creative artwork of the prisoners. We were greeted with a dance by the inmates to the music of Backstreet boys, As long as you love me.

The crocodile farm. Macmac is here.

This crocodile died of stress.

More of the farm. The farm is not only about crocodiles. There are more.

The very heavy bearcat!

This is where the famous hopia is.

Hey sexy lady!

This is how the city tour ended!