Sunday, February 10, 2013

Puerto Princesa City Tour

Bacolod - Cebu - Puerto Princesa.

Thursday, Feb 7, 2013. Touchdown at around 12 noon. Our cebu pacific plane arrived earlier than our ETA. It was then that I remember my city, Dumaguete, when we approached the runway. The descend started while we were above the sea. While the plane was about to kiss the runway, I can almost see wha was underneath the sea. This is exactly the Dumaguete set-up. You would thought that you will land in the water.

Puerto Princesa has a relatively small airport. It was very sunny. So I had to walk with my umbrella. Well, I was the only one with the umbella.

The tour started inPlaza Cuertel. This is where the American Soldiers were set on fire during the Japanese War.

This is the Puerto Princesa Cathedral.

This is in Iwahig Penal Colony. This is where they display the creative artwork of the prisoners. We were greeted with a dance by the inmates to the music of Backstreet boys, As long as you love me.

The crocodile farm. Macmac is here.

This crocodile died of stress.

More of the farm. The farm is not only about crocodiles. There are more.

The very heavy bearcat!

This is where the famous hopia is.

Hey sexy lady!

This is how the city tour ended!

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