Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Earth is Disposable?

24 December 2012. Few hours from now, it is Christmas. So by now, the streets that lead to Supermarkets, Malls, and Bazaars are jammed with people. Well, we all call it the Christmas rush shopping. Today after breakfast at Mcdo, I changed my plan of going to SM. Instead I will just cross the narrow Luzurriaga St., and will walk a few steps to Gaisano to buy little presents for my friends working at Quick and Easy Laundry.

Few days ago, I passed by Bacolod plaza. My attention focused to a very humongous poster that says: Bacolod No To Plastic. Bring your own bag. I cannot simply ignore what I read for the reason that I am GUILTY. Few years back, I started my journey closer to the environment when I enrolled in UPOU for my Masters in Environmental Management. And I am disturbed again after seeing that poster. Maybe its time again Jay!

I am very happy when Watsons and Booksale started using the brown paper bag. This is already in itself a huge step. Although up to now, when I buy my groceries at SM, I still use the yellow plastic bags. So Jay it is time! ( i am writing this to remind myself). And by the way my Mcdo Pancakes still are contained in a styro plate. This battle will be long and bloody but at least, initiatives are starting to crawl and somehow people are becoming more aware that this is an urgent cause for everybody.

My hands are not clean. I do not speak because I am an all-out champion of protecting nature. In fact I am very far from it. But I think it all should start in recognizing that we can still do more. My hands, your hands, our friends' hands, our family's hands - this will matter. This already is a challenge I embrace. Or to be more radical, a challenge I impose to myself. And hopefully this will be transformed into actions, even the little ones, to create an impact and will eventually influence others.

Day by day, nature has its ways of revealing its wrath. Storms like Sendong and Pablo, 7.2 magnitude earthquakes, a hot december, a cold Summer. These are revelations that nature is in big trouble. Hopefully it only needs first aid. Not an overhaul.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. We all agree on this one. However, I hope that in this celebration we don't forget that in the midst of the merrymaking, we are not causing more damage to the environment. Remember too that the Earth is DISPOSABLE! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Purple Christmas

While waiting for the cake decoration to be done at Bobs East, I went up in the second floor, to let time gracefully pass by. Walking around, my eyes caught this beautiful dining table set. And so, even until now, my bias for the color purple worked, even in the date predicted to be the end of times.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Got Myself a Gift for Christmas!

Today, 21 December 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar is the end of the world. I don't subscribe to that prophecy. I still believe that no one on Earth knows when is the end. If I remember correctly, according to my Religion teacher, not even the Son, knows when. However, I also do not dismiss the idea of its possibility.

As I look around and observe, Life runs on a regular basis today. As I write this, I just finished my Longanisa breakfast with egg plus hot chocolate at Jollibee east. As a matter of fact, nothing has significantly changed. PUJ's, taxi cabs, private cars are passing by with loads of passengers. The sky is dominantly blue with traces of cotton-like clouds. The sun is up. I carefully look at people's faces, I see no fear or anxiety at all. Oh, today is a good day just like yesterday.

Last night, I got myself a gift for Christmas! It is very beautiful. I acted like a kid when the barista handed it to me. Oh, not really. I was able to contain my joy and excitement. How I would have wanted to jump for joy, but that would mean public scandal, so I just carefully placed it inside my bag. Then I transferred to a more private place at Cafe Olio inside Westown Hotel in San Juan. So there, I did all things that I cannot do in Starbucks. I took a photo before I tore the the plastic. I smiled. Then I carefully flip the first page, read the print, flip some pages more, take pictures, and smile a lot. My newest toy. My happiness.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The December Breeze At Last!

Last night, I was comforted by the cold December breeze combing my hair, in varying strength. Finally, I felt that December is actually here.

My stomach looked for something delicious after my Volleyball team, NU, bowed down to DLSU. So I thought of eating at Pepe's. Twas already 8:30 and my stomach was already grumbling. As I stepped in, I thought, "What day is today?", checked my memory, and yes, today is Wednesday. I doubted because of the volume of people I see. Unusual Wednesday. So off I went upstairs, my steps doubled, face steadied in one direction. I do this when I walk alone in the muddle of the crowd.

So here I was, outside the door, making my vision go through the wall glass. It was full-house. So I opted to stay outside. I made my order, their bestseller - beef salpicao and grilled chicken salad in raspberry dressing. Savoring my solitude, I noticed that I need something to keep me warm. I checked my bag and I found my pink shawl. Hahhahaha. So I tangled it around my neck, sat up straight and ate. How lovely December is!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finding the Road to BARANGAY

              My focus shifted when I heard my cell phone ticked a pitchy, abrupt tone. One message received. The text read, “TM Jay, can you please evaluate TM Gay Marie Gane? She will deliver her Basic Speech Project 3.” Time would testify that during my early years in toastmasters, the word NO is not in my dictionary. So it follows that I replied, “Yes!” Gay delivered with gay strides. Then suddenly that awkward feeling rushed like waterfalls with the realization that that the speaker is better than the evaluator. That was before! (Imagine an impish smile. No. Not really. Imagine the Jay kind of laugh. Hahaha.) When I stood in front to begin my evaluation, I started with the line, “I am very happy to evaluate you, TM Gay Marie Gane (I mispronounced as Gayn). Then I heard everyone chorused, “Gane!” And that turned me mute for five seconds. At the back of my mind, I staged my own monodrama.  “Jay, don’t feel bad. Why should you? Mistakes happen.  Smile. Smile! (I forced myself.) What does not kill makes you stronger Jay.” And my consoling worked. Well, it always does. The evaluation continued and I finished it without fainting from embarrassment. “Lord, thank you.”

            In March 2009, I wrote an entry in my blog about the course of delivering my 10 basic speeches. Then I experienced an AHA moment! Eight out of my ten evaluators are Barangay Toastmasters. Distinguished Toastmaster Greg evaluated me three times; DTM Ro – twice; DTM Juliana Tan – twice; and Gov. Ester for my 8th speech project. Anyone who has the same statistics as I have, please let me know and I will treat you Starbucks Coffee. You have to trust me on this one. I mean it! The reward comes from the fact that, standing before their eyes, is a decision you have won over as your mind wrestles between self-preservation and self-destruction. Of which after I have delivered a speech, I grew bigger as a toastmaster. I mean figuratively. Although, literally too. After the speech, I eat twice as much to make up for the lost calories from all the sweating, trembling, and shaking.

            When I became President of Riverside TMC in 2010, some of the creative strokes I did in our meeting were not originally mine. I learned them in BTMC.  Themed Meetings. This is markedly BTMC brand where toastmasters attend in gaudy costumes. Parliamentary Procedures. I remember, in a business portion I handled, in the beginning of my term, TM Mario made a motion. And I am Mr. Clueless guy whose vocal chord was ripped off. DTM Ro played Mr. Rescuer as he literally fed me words to reply to the motion. It’s a good thing that DTM Ro has a habit of sitting near the rostrum. Creative Table Topics in the form of Magazine Covers, Song Titles and Movie Lines. Bottomline is: One cannot measure creativity; simply because it is boundless. I was so excited to lead the club because I know I have mentors who are just over the fence. It will only take one call or even one text message, and their feet will start stomping in the Planters Den of Sugarland Hotel.

            On June 01, 2007, people start addressing me a Toastmaster. For the past four years, I have seen Exciting times. Of course the Bad times as well. I have witnessed the founding of new clubs and the death of the few others. In fact, my club is not spared. But because we are named after a Hospital, we have always been resuscitated and revived. We refuse to die. But there is only one club in the Division which has remained adamant in the challenge of times, dogged in its pursuit for quality meetings, and resolute in building membership – the Barangay Toastmasters Club.

            In my toastmaster journey, finding the road that leads to Barangay TMC, marked the beginning of a wonderful joy ride as a Toastmaster.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Talking About Simple Joys

CAfe Specials. A Comedy in 3 Acts: Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert. The play was light in theme. Very relatable. And yes it was funny. I had the chance to talk to the writer before the play started, so I asked him what force gave way to the staging of Cafe Specials. So he explained that he pitched in the idea to the owner of Museum Cafe which is just nearby the headquarter of Performance Laboratory. I appreciate the fact that a play such as this one, not staged in school, turned very successful. The venue was fully packed. And the audience roared in laughter. Because the actors can really act and the story is beautifully mundane.



Hardwork pays off, you win. Of course, I must say that there is still no substitute for oozing self-confidence. Trust me.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

There is Good Buy in Hardwork!

Today, I made a quick visit in DENR Iloilo to renew 2 company permits: 1) permit to operate and 2) permit to discharge.

But before that, I was quite apprehensive to cross Iloilo. The storm Pablo has just left the country. I am afraid of its tail. It might still whip. Thank God, the sea befriended me. Now I have one more friend in my mental list.

I have done this transaction many times that doing it is like sweeping the tiled floor after being mopped.

I had vegetable pizza for lunch at sbarro. I am healthy when Im not home? And Sbarro because Bacolod does not have it.

Of which after that, I met Personality Plus after scavenging for almost 25 minutes. Im just so lucky!

Monday, December 3, 2012

And the first planner comes from...JOLLIBEE!

Getting this one is hassle-free, stress-free, and well, more of a freebie. If you don't have it yet, it's very achievable! It will only take 2 single receipts worth 150 pesos bought in the same branch. Again, just two!

I plan, yes plan, to make lots of local travels in 2013 and this will surely come to the rescue with my schedule organization. Yes for a Sanguine like me! It surely Does!

Thank you Jollibee East!