Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The December Breeze At Last!

Last night, I was comforted by the cold December breeze combing my hair, in varying strength. Finally, I felt that December is actually here.

My stomach looked for something delicious after my Volleyball team, NU, bowed down to DLSU. So I thought of eating at Pepe's. Twas already 8:30 and my stomach was already grumbling. As I stepped in, I thought, "What day is today?", checked my memory, and yes, today is Wednesday. I doubted because of the volume of people I see. Unusual Wednesday. So off I went upstairs, my steps doubled, face steadied in one direction. I do this when I walk alone in the muddle of the crowd.

So here I was, outside the door, making my vision go through the wall glass. It was full-house. So I opted to stay outside. I made my order, their bestseller - beef salpicao and grilled chicken salad in raspberry dressing. Savoring my solitude, I noticed that I need something to keep me warm. I checked my bag and I found my pink shawl. Hahhahaha. So I tangled it around my neck, sat up straight and ate. How lovely December is!

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