Thursday, December 6, 2012

There is Good Buy in Hardwork!

Today, I made a quick visit in DENR Iloilo to renew 2 company permits: 1) permit to operate and 2) permit to discharge.

But before that, I was quite apprehensive to cross Iloilo. The storm Pablo has just left the country. I am afraid of its tail. It might still whip. Thank God, the sea befriended me. Now I have one more friend in my mental list.

I have done this transaction many times that doing it is like sweeping the tiled floor after being mopped.

I had vegetable pizza for lunch at sbarro. I am healthy when Im not home? And Sbarro because Bacolod does not have it.

Of which after that, I met Personality Plus after scavenging for almost 25 minutes. Im just so lucky!

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