Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Island Hopping at Honda Bay

Day 2 of our Puerto Princesa trip is Island Hopping at Honda Bay. Its original name is Onda meaning deep. Something got lost in the translation.

Eight other guests joined us in the boat from other countries.

The water was so friendly. Even at high noon.

Our firs stop was at adobo Island. There was nothing in it except a destroyed nipa hut. When the boat touched the sand ready for the guests to step down, our tour guide was surprised. No one moved except him. Haha.

Luli Island was our second stop. Luli for lulubog lilitaw. When its high tide, the island literally disappears.

The beautiful Cowrie Island was our third and final stop. The sand is white and powdery. We had lunch here and stayed the longest.

They have all kinds of liquor; from light to heavy and fruit shakes. I had mango shake.

Day two was full of sun that I think I became two tones darker! Haha.


Phioxee said...

summer+palawan=perfect getaway!

Jay Cris said...

It's more fun in the Philippines!