Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There are few changes in my life now. That sounds too profound. So I'd like to restate that. I am now a morning person. Alright, that's a lot better. I used to dread my weekly change of schedule. No. I don't just dread it. I hated it. It is one of the few reasons why at some point I wanted to quit my present job. But it pays to be patient and persistent. I am now a morning person!

Taking a bath these days takes a lot of courage. It's the cold that seems to penetrate my skin down to the bones that makes me grit my teeth in utter shivering. Well I guess this is not just my plight. This is everybody's. Cheers to that!

Since indulging in water seems insurmountable these days, I have to sit first in one corner of my bed after waking up, just blankly gazing at the beige-colored wall of my room. And then if I felt the strength to move, I'd pick that remote control in my miniature table and turn on the tv. And then, there's Francis Kong still wearing that smile when I first met him on a National Leadership Training Cruise. I have to admit I am a fan. He is one speaker that once he starts talking you can't feel anymore the lingering pain of an ant bite. I mean it. Your eyes will be glued to him in utter disbelief how this person can hypnotize you with his words full of wisdom and inspiration. You hardly notice the time when its him talking. How time flies so fast!

I could still remember, one of the participants, who has just gotten a degree in education was asked by him if she badly needs a job and without batting an eyelash, she said yes. Who wouldn't? Well Francis Kong with all his might in business and business connections said "I can provide you a teaching post" if you pass my requirement. Francis Kong then asked "How many books do you read in one week?". And there was silence. All heads bowed. I saw it. I was the last to bow.

Reading is fun. Reading is highly essential. Reading is a must.

A highly successful businessman never finished college and yet made it in the business world. His secret. He read 7 books a week.

I know of a person who based his friendship on how big you build your library. He has a point. Conversations are avenues of learning. Remember that life is too short to experience everything that it has to offer. Nobody would want to talk to a lousy conversationalist with a lousy, nonsensical vocabulary. It is empirical then to learn from other people. It is pretty much the same when we ask what our classmates know from what they have read before the exam starts. Nostalgia! However, I'd like to make myself clear that it should not be the sole basis of friendship. As what a colleague remarked when I told her of the library as basis for developing friendship, she said "Not everyone has the monetary capacity to own a book. Some just borrowed. That does not make them less of a reader". Point well taken. The main point is, "We have to read".

One way to improve ourselves to to surround us with people better than we are.

How about seven books a week? I wish I could but the main point is, "We have to read".

It's near 7:00 o'clock! I should take my morning bath before getting a written warning for tardiness. I already have two. One more to go.

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