Monday, March 30, 2009

For A Friend Named JULZ

“Life is a constant change. And nothing stays the same.”

Sometimes we have to bear the uncertainties of life. Hard it may seem but life must go on.

People come and go in our lives. We make friends. Sometimes we lose them. We meet the love of our life. Sometimes we let go of them. We welcome a colleague. Sometimes we bid goodbye to them. Life is nothing but a constant reminder that nothing in this world stays forever. It’s a roller coaster ride. And that makes life; I guess more interesting, because you’ll never know when you’ll get surprises.

Moving on is a phrasal epitome of easier-said-than-done. Sometimes, the memories left behind are just so poignant that disregarding it is such a shattering task. You can’t help it; it will just evoke a melodramatic feeling. Hypocritical it is to say that “I have moved on right there and then”. There is change and that change will have to gain equilibrium for quite some time. Moving on is a process.

One year is long enough; long enough to know a friend, to gain a friend, to establish rapport with people, to love work, to learn a new dialect, to know new directions and places, to savour new cuisine, and to be loved by everyone. Indeed one year has passed that a colleague has been with us. A year loaded of jovial memories. A year of keen friendship. A year of laughter and little misunderstandings. A year to get to know a good person without thoughts of leaving and sad endings.

Julz, you deserve a space in my mundane albeit precious blog. This is a memento of your fleeting yet fruitful stay with us in the department. On the book that we both read “Man’s Search for Meaning”, there is meaning and purpose to all of these, though you may have not realized that at the moment.

Thank you for the time that you have shared your life to us. For allowing us to get to know you. For bringing joy and laughter to the people in your midst. For sharing your fresh ideas and ideals. For lighting up our mood when we are in despair. For appreciating what we have done. For singing along with us. For understanding our inequity. For challenging us to do better. For listening to us. For caring when we least expect it. For being you that we all love and we will all miss.

Endings are also beginnings. Julz, wherever life takes you, always remember that once in your life’s journey, you have made an inalienable and lasting mark of friendship in the people of San Miguel Bacolod Brewery. You have etch your name in our hearts that forever we will cherish that once in the crossroads of life, we know a person as remarkable as Julienne Eve Algabre. Farewell.

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