Monday, August 17, 2009

How Are You?

The question is no stranger. When we were younger, we were taught to answer the question with plain "I am fine, thank you". How sweet-sounding that is! But the question which used to be the simplest question one could ask and which seemed very easy to answer does not hold true anymore.

A friend at facebook asked me today, how are you? My reply was, i cannot articulate myself on the question. Thinking very hard, i really cannot find the right words to anwer. Could it be that i lost comprehension of my self? Or could it be that i am not okay and dont want anybody to know?

I had snacks this afternoon when a personnel at the canteen took the courage to ask me if i have any problem. Who wouldnt be shock raise your hand? That struck me enough that i paused to grasp some fresh air before i could utter anything. I said, why did you ask? She told me, she just overheard me. I could not remember. It even made me laugh as i got over it. Me and my big mouth. Made even bigger because of toastmasters (promotion..heheheh).

Back to the question? I still cant answer. Maybe tomorrow after i get my well deserved sleep.


Anonymous said...

So, How are you? hahahaha!!
just listen!!!

jay said...

the thought of "just listen" makes me ok. not just ok but a lot better because i roll on the floor laughing (what speech is this? - the use of rhetoric)! hahaha!