Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coffee, Anyone?

For someone like me who works on a rotating schedule, coffee is not a social accessory; it is a necessity. Thank God, Coffee shops are ubiquitous.

Coffee shops in Bacolod are practically easy to find. They are almost strategically located in the major Streets of the City.

Calea, Bobs, Kuppa, Bascon, and Starbucks are among the most popular for coffee addicts. Some are inside huge shopping malls like Brew ha, Bo’s, and Pietro. Some which are relatively new now gaining popularity are Café Uma and the newest coffee shop which is part of L’ Fisher Hotel.

I think it is also worth mentioning some coffee shops, though they closed already, made a connection to me. Café Vienna, now Bistro Negrense, was something I liked because of their acoustic nights during Friday’s and Saturday’s. Music and coffee make a perfect combination when you are tired or stressed out. Those moments when you intentionally don’t want to think and you are just there to feel good and come out feeling renewed ready for slumber. Another one is Figaro which was inside SM. It was one spot in the crowded mall where you can find serenity and silence. And this is probably the reason why they closed. The good thing though is that I was able to buy my first coffee tumbler there a week before they closed. A pretty good remembrance!

Calea, since I set foot in Bacolod, has been a favorite hang-out for all ages. A sweet-tooth that I am, one wouldn’t question my love for their mud pie. Something that I can probably eat three times a day!

Bascon Café, particularly the one near La Salle, is a very intimate nook. This is a relatively small café which is quite good for lengthy and personal chitchats. I am talking about the making-up-for-the-lost-time kind of conversations. A place made relaxing because of its being away from the frenzied city streets.

Bobs is one of the popular coffee shops if not the most. I believe that this coffee shop and Calea are one of Bacolod’s identifying marks.

Then Starbucks came. I must admit that when it opened it changed my desire to consume coffee. That is why, as early as December, I already got myself their 2011 planner. It has an artistic cover. I chose the red velvet one.

Now, I’m on to having my second planner. To date, I have 5 stickers. Coffee, anyone?

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