Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Did I Begin Writing?

I was in Junior High when my English teacher signed me up to participate in the school's press conference. It was the time when most of the senior staffer will soon exit in the editorial board. When I entered in the huge writing venue, I felt that we were all fishes in the ocean; some were big, others were small to become writers. The judges were the fishers with their fishing nets ready to screen us all. We were all made to write in all journalism categories; News Writing, Editorial Writing, and Feature Writing in English and Filipino. I was fished out winning in all three (modesty aside) categories. And that's how I get to be the next Editor-in-Chief in our school paper.

My first two trips in Cebu were made free with pocket money because of two Regional School's Press Conferences that I participated in. My first was in Lapu-lapu City and my second in Mandaue City. Though. I never made it to the NSPC.

I moved in Bacolod in May 2006. It made my debut as a travel magazine writer in a national publication, Philippinewide. I was asked to write a feature story about the Masskara Festival which of course came along my first writer's fee.

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