Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's In A Name?

Mario Pao - a humorous speaker, most improved toastmaster, first Div D Governor. Andrea Si - Bar Topnotcher, famous, rich. Jocelle Batapa - Speech champion, Public Servant, Healthy. What about Jess Quiatchon? Anyone?

Jess Quiatchon is Jess Quiatchon as Anna Dizon is Anna Dizon!

He is a certified educator. Whenever he attends a seminar, he always asks for certificates. His line, “May certificate na?” You may not be aware that Jess Quiatchon is a doctor minus the stethoscope. He is a doctor of philosophy in business administration and doctor of philosophy in educational management. So you can call him a 2-time doctor but not a two-timer doctor. So consider yourselves lucky. Every Saturday, not only you brush elbow with the first Division D Governor, see the twin brother of Piolo Pascual but you also get the chance to see a two-time doctor!

Jess holds the distinction of being President twice, year after year. Maybe because of  "second chaance"? Hehe. I do not really know. I was his VP Education last year but most of the time I bang the gavel during meetings! Why? Because he is a doctor and doctors are busy. Thank you Jess for making me feel how it is to be President while being the Vice-President. It is because of you that TM Lilian called me an overacting toastmaster. Although if TM Lilian is around in the meeting, I am "underacting".

TM Jam Grandea would always crtitic his sing-song speech. But that's mainly because he is a frustrated singer! Yes! Among the “tatlong itlog”, he always scores the highest in their karaoke sessions, singing “My Way”. He got 74 while Boy Sanchez and Ramon Granflor got only 50! When he ran for Barangay Captain, he lost because he sang “My Way” in rallies and meetings. Lesson learned. Delegate. Get me as your official singer and Mario as your dancer. You will win for sure.

Jess above all, is a strong believer of population control. No. I don’t mean family planning. I mean, he is still one of those dashing, head-turner, debonair women search for. His eligibility is beyond question. Meaning, he could be your prince charming or your knight in shining armour!

That’s Jess Quitchon. A certified educator with plenty of certificates. A two-time doctor. A two-time president with an overacting VP Ed. A singer of “My Way” and “My Way” alone, and of course, a dashing debonair.

Long Live Jess Quiatchon!

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