Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tourist Attraction in Bacolod - FOOD

What to do in Bacolod? Eat. Eat. Eat. The magic of three. Forgive the redundancy. I mean food of sheer extravagance. Food is Bacolod's main tourist attraction. That's the point.

And I realized that these photos are not mere food presentations. They are testaments of friendships gone deeper. Of lengthy, carefree exchange of unadulterated, uncensored thoughts. Of reverberating laughter sometimes if not all the time scandalous. Of sobs and tears. Of life that's so sweet or so bitter. Of getting-to-know-each-other the nth time. Of just being there, peace and quiet, because its the presence that matters. Of wanting to be heard. Of wanting to listen.

Tuna Fettucini at Bobs SM

Baby back ribs at Lord Byrons, Homesite (Models; l-r, Emmylou Iman (PP of First Farmers TMC, Razelle May Villanueva (SMBI Chemist). Are they camera shy?

Baby Back Ribs at Cookies and Crumbs in front of Bacolod's New Government Center.

Beef Salpicao, Cookies and Crumbs

still at cookies and crumbs

Chalet at L'fisher

Chalet, L'fisher with Jabez Oberes (Humorous National Champion)

Mud Pie at Calea. Model is Ma. Adee Light Elumba Hilado-Loquellano (SMBI Microbiologist).

Beef Salpicao and Grilled Chicken Salad at Pepe's.

Calea again. With Marely Pajaren-Cerdania (Coke Chemist).

Oriental Chicken Salad at Bascon Cafe

Roast Porkloin at Cafe 1925


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried most of the food featured in this blog. :( (Jet)

Jay Cris said...

Hi jet. Ikaw pa?! u have a lot of food in ur fb photos more than mine. one of these days we should eat out together.

Jet said...

Bago ko lang nakita nga nagsabat ka! Yes, I should try 1925. Updan mo ko. :D

Jay Cris said...