Sunday, May 15, 2011

"It's so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday"

From l-r; Jay Famoso, Lee Baguio, Bambi Asia, Bobby Eusebio

Lee Baguio. Lee is a girl. Let me make it clear first because most of the time the name Lee goes with men. She wore an immaculate white top in the picture. She smiled. All of us did. But I think that is mainly because cameras have that commanding power to make their subjects, at least when they are prepared, pose with a contagious smile. When I see people taking pictures of themselves, I also smile. The pictures above were taken at Bacolod-Silay Airport. That was yesterday, May 15. All her bags were packed and she was ready to fly to her new destination, FOR GOOD, in Manila. And I realized that the airport could be the happiest or saddest place on Earth. Happiest when it makes a connection between individuals being separated by a certain distance. Saddest when it becomes an avenue for departures, such as yesterday, where people for whatever reason, when their time is up, would prove that life is a constant change.

I cannot exactly remember the time and place that we were introduced. I just knew that the Plant has a new Plant Logistics Head in the person of Lee Baguio. Fast forward we became friends and since we are both single, people in the Plant turned their heads, rolled their eyeballs, raised their eyebrows, when they spot us together - First Friday Mass, Beerparks, etc. At some point, we were the talk of the town. Hehehe.

We clicked because we have one thing in common. We are videoki addicts. She certainly has the right. Oops, did I see a face in diagreement? Fact # 1, Lee is from Bohol. Fact # 2, she is a former member of the world-renowned Loboc Children's Choir. Convinced? Wait. Although according to her, her fascination for singing did not get enough support from her mother. Again, because according to her, her sister sings better, so she just plays the piano instead, while Sister Charito belts out. This one, I still have to find out. This is what she would like me to believe.

I made use of her musicality in my dogged effort to sing in public. To say the least I have her vote of confidence. When I joined my second SMB idol, she persistently coached me. And that ranged from the selection of my contest piece where it took us quite sometime to having nightly practice in her beautiful house at Bethany Court, to sponsoring my dinner with deep-fried Spam, Pork and Beans, Iced tea, bananas, and red wine. To think, her department was also sending a contestant in that same contest. Friendship indeed knows no departmental biases and affiliations. Moreover, when I sang for the first time in a wedding, she was again my coach, and she even went to the church to make hand gestures making sure I am in synch with the music.

Both of us relish the combo of Red horse beer and live acoustic music. So that makes us frequent MO2. Her favorite band is the Lightgauge band and how she adores their guitarist. And how she dislikes the band after them. Hehehe. There was even a time when the female lead vocalist remarked to her, "Your face is familiar!" And she became famous that night. Her favorite songs? I can name three. These three songs will never be missed in her many performances. First - "Get Here". This one caught my attention when she sang this during a Friday Beerpark session. Second - "Almost Over You". I had my jaw dropped when she sang this at Siberia. What to blame? Redhorse beer. Five bottles of Redhorse make her Sheena Easton. Third - "Bukas na lang kita mamahalin". With seven bottles, Sheena Easton transforms to Lani Misalucha. Bottomline, Redhorse is her fuel to belting.

I am so thankful I have found a true friend in you. Thank you LRB. "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday". The hundred drinking sessions that we had when life throws us lemons when we want apples; the melodramatic movies we have watched together where you drowned youself in tears; the early morning jog at the new government center even though one morning I did not show up; your extremely loud screams during badminton games at Eastside; the joyride to Silay even though your still polishing your driving; the videoki sessions where we are happiest at Siberia and MO2, singing like its our last; the unplanned out-of-town escapades; the acapella singing, sometimes flat, in your house at Bethany with red wine that woke up your neighbor. When I remember them, it makes a little twist in my heart, knowing that, although it may happen again, the chances are very slim. Thank you. I am so happy that I shared them with you. I am happy that life led us to a common path in Bacolod. Thank you.


Jet said...

Ay sayang... hindi ko sya na meet. :(

Jay Cris said...

ara sya pag family day at la salle ecopark - the only tm activity that she attended. hahaha. but you were not there.