Monday, October 13, 2008

Confessions of a Toastmasters Addict

I didn't know what toastmasters is until a good friend, Malou Joy told me what it is. The irony though is that she is still a guest in toastmasters meeting while i am working already on my 8th basic speech project. (This is a challenge to her! hahaha. After all she loves the feeling of being challenged)

We were exchanging correspondence about toastmasters since i am working now in Bacolod while she is in Cebu, when my wanting to refine my public speaking skills fired up. I then searched for toastmasters in Bacolod and voila i found myself now a member of the Riverside Toastmasters Club. We hold our meeting every Saturday at 7 in the evening at Sugarland hotel.

Some toastmasters would ask me who brought me to toastmasters. With a grin on my face i would say. None. I brought myself to toastmasters.

Then that marked the start of my stalwart love for toastmasters. At first i was jittery thinking on my feet when i answered my first table topics, but now i have toastmasters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My addiction to toastmasters give me these trophies to reckon!

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