Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When I was a child, I had this lofty and indefatigable dream of becoming a sales representative. It’s not that I think I am persuasive at people nor I am crazy of the idea to take advantage over someone else’s gullibility, all I wanted is a job that will bring me to new and distant places. On that scenario, work is just going to be a leisurely play. I have already this unrelenting notion that a routine job is tantamount to living in utter banality.

Dreams do come true. Last week, I had my rejuvenating week-long stay in the whole unimpeachable picturesque province of Panay.

Let my recounting commence in Estancia, a municipality of fisher folks. It was like turning back the hands of time where you can see the eclectic and gaudy designs and shapes of fishing boats in multi-colored hues. The placid sea was a flabbergasting reflection of the azure skies painted with the chaste cottony clouds. From the vantage point of the sea port, one can gaze the promising island of Cicogon as if coaxing everyone to step on its fertile land waiting in seconds to be mesmerized and enthralled.

The City of Roxas has an impeccable green environment. It is a city to be envied by everyone who's frenzied of living the hustle and bustle of big cities. People were generally warm and welcoming. Famous for its copious seafoods, one should visit the coastal restaurants and have a blast of its sumptuous, mouth-watering, fresh "talaba".

Kalibo is one serene and peaceful city at night. At seven in the evening, you can hardly see people wandering around. It's one perfect place to be in solitude with yourself, literally and metaphorically. It is also one suitable place for voluminous reading as there are no sound distractions near and far.

Miagao is historically and culturally fertile. Their litter-free surroundings is very glaring and conspicuous that deserves special commendation. The Miagao church in its brazen statue that stand so stately and grandiose in its site is one landmark for visitors. It is also proud to be the home of one of the campuses of the premier academic institution in the country, the University of the Philippines-Miagao Campus.

One week was over, but it seemed like it was just yesterday. Til now I am still captive of its beauty and charm. No, I think that is an understatement! I now rest my case.

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