Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Monday When it Rained!

Today is different. Instead of getting my TV remote control to watch the news after getting home, I took off my wet clothes and had a quick shower.

'Twas exactly 6:08p.m. when i hurriedly rushed home to send my soiled clothes to the laundry shop. At 6:44, my adrenaline rushed more, carrying a bagful of my used clothes,as i got out of the house and walked briskly to the shop which will close at 7:00, although i had experienced them closing earlier than seven. Then suddenly I could feel the gentle drops of rain on my head, then sometime, became stronger, that i could feel some of the rain dripped already from my hairtips to my shoulder. I would have looked for a shed, but no, I have to be at the shop the fastest time possible. Unmindful of the deluge of rain, i walked the flooded highway, wet all over and also unmindful of the strangers passing by.

Who would have thought that today after several years, i will be drenched in the rain, like when i was in kindergarten, experiencing the bliss of walking under the rain, like a thirsty horse from a race, very eager to quench his thirst, whether, win or loose?

I could have sweared maybe or spat atrocious words of the unexpected rain but i was cleansed and soothed. After my quick refreshing shower, I took a bottle of water inside the fridge, gulped half the content, and started writing this. It's Monday when it rained!


Anonymous said...

rainy days and mondays always make me cry....

How are you?

jaycris said...

by the carpenters! i thought of using that as my title but it does not make me cry at all. hahaha. am back to blogging. i tried to defeat all that will come in the way and so here i am happy pressing the keys. oh thanks to the rain! hahahaha