Monday, January 14, 2013

Tirambulo Highland Resort, Mabinay, Neg.Or.

Next stop after Mag-aso is a highland resort in the neighboring town, Mabinay. Yes the two towns are next to each other but both belong to a different province. We call them borderline. Mabinay is already part of the Oriental Negros.

Tirambulo Highland Resort is named after its owner who used to be the Mayor of the town. The resort is around 5-minute walk from the highway.

You will know that you have arrived when you see this huge, serene, and placid lake.

From the gate, you will be greeted with fresh, cold air, comforting your tired breathing. Take time to walk slowly. The thick orchard stand tall in the pavement allowing only a friendly amount of sunlight to keep you warm.

That smile said it all.

Kayaking here is like recharging. Or emptying. So if one wants to write a book in utter silence, this is your place.

My cottage. Even when you are inside the room, you can hear the soothing sound of flowing water. And I have to mention that their water is chilling cold. They dont have hot shower. And by the way, globe signal ranged from nil to one bar. Absolutely no wifi.

Next time, I have to try spelunking.


Phioxee said...

ang sarap talaga sa resort na to. been here last year ;-)

Anonymous said...

do you have the resort's contact number?