Monday, January 14, 2013

Mag-aso Falls in Kabangkalan, Neg.Occ.

I envision 2013 to be a year that's full of wonderful wanderings. Today, January 13, 2013 kicks-off my Negros tour. First stop - Mag-aso Falls.

I think that the best way to deepen our sense of environmentalism is to see (or even touch, smell, and listen) the beauty outside our fence. If we happen to set our senses on the beautifully intricate wonders of nature, realization will start to crawl in us, at the very least, to preserve a gift like its most expensive we ever receive. Or that feeling of being so special and loved having given a gift as panoramic such as this waterfalls in Barangay Oringao, Kabangkalan City. Only then, we can truly become good stewards of nature. There is still HOPE!

Allow me to introduce first my new travel buddy. A black Hawk bag dashed with bright yellow color.

This is the entrance of the resort. According to my tourguide, it got its name, Mag-aso because when it rains, the waterfalls forms thick mists in the air and appear as smoke or "aso" in the dialect.

This is the biggest pool in the resort, among three. Two are kiddie pools.

A view of the waterfalls from a far.

I am on top of a huge rock, of which I made a not-so-smooth climb that it caused a commotion after I stumbled and fell. My left shoe got wet. But there's no stopping me from having that picture. And with that smile, who says that I just fell few seconds ago?

Meet my tour-guide-slash-photographer.

The mini-water falls as the background

The resort has only two cottages. Reservations have to be made if you plan to stay overnight. Although camping with a tent is not bad at all. Entrance fee is only twenty five pesos. A must-see destination especially for family bonding.

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Fritzie Tagaysay said...

Nice one mr Jay! By the way, it's Kabankalan - the current city name. Anyway, Kabangkalan - was the ancient name of the town as per the story ( love my hometown/city).

Reservation can be made at the city hall for the overnight cottage. A family Overnight stay is such a privilege for us,March 2012.