Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Environment and I

My environment, physical that is, is an extension of myself. Matter-of-factly, it forms an integral part of my whole being. In sociology, we have learned that the environment plays an unimpeachable role in the development of an individual. Thus we aptly say, we are a reflection of the environment where we grow up. We cannot desert ourselves from our environment. To put simply, it is inalienable.

Sadly, if we look around us our environment has drastically changed.

Our forests are wantonly depleted. Our supply of potable water has increasingly become limited. Our air has become a worldwide carrier of innumerable pollutants. Our land, year after year, seemingly becomes smaller in size. Temperature has gone extreme. If it’s daytime, it’s literally hot. If at dawn, the cold seems unbearable.

There adverse changes in the environment are quite alarming that they need immediate solutions. At the moment, I cannot just play being blind in the middle of all these unscrupulous destruction. Knowing for a fact that the growth and development of the future generation also depends on the quality of the environment that they live, I’d say, the time to save the environment is now.

The status quo reveals a lot of realities that must be acted urgently. It must turn a regular Filipino into a Filipino environmental advocate. And the key is to be aware! That way, we will realize that the way of the Earth is towards annihilation. Could it be that we will now build the modern Noah’s Ark. God forbid!

Few months ago, I empathized to families with family members who mercilessly passed away and the thousands of survivors who are still in pain on their road to recovery caused by the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. Most were all caught unaware. No one was prepared. We thought it would not create a really massive destruction. We were all surprised when water seemed to rise unceasingly. The last thing we knew. Houses were swallowed by the hungry water. Lives were taken. Properties were destroyed.

The other side of the story however knocked all our heads to boldly face the offshoots of our being unconcerned. It made me realize how over the past years, we have unrelentingly altered the beautiful creation of God. It made me aware that our environment unknowingly turned to a wasteland because of our apathy and indifference. It made me think that indeed, not only humans are vulnerable, so does the environment. From the perspective of the insurance companies, these are acts of God, but the truth is, these are acts of man, traceable to his insatiable greed. Our environment should matter and that battle cry should be carried in everyone’s sleeve. Now, that our environment, from being stable to being vulnerable; everyone must be counted to help bring back the equilibrium of our sustainable ecosystem.

The environment at the moment is in dire state. It cries for help. It longs for a hand that cares. It needs you!

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