Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toastmasters - Not Speaking English

So you think toastmasters group themselves with the rostrum, gavel, and microphone in their midst? And speak in kilometric phrases?

Not until March 13, 2010 when Div D let go of their consciousness to say ah’s, uhm’s, and other verbal crutches and headed their way to CICM, Talisay City for a day of physical activities, food trip, endless chit-chats, relaxation, nap, sleep, singing, and even not doing anything or “sight-seeing”. The last word is in quotation to mean their connotations. Well, that’s just a theory.

A day before, I made sure that I have my required 6-7 hours of sleep to be in attendance of what they officially call “Division D Sports fest”. This means I canceled my Friday nocturnal socializing. Oh, there’s the quotation again. That’s because I destined that day as a day to relax, sleep maybe in 10 minutes, breathe another quality of air, and not think of anything. If you have read my previous blog, you will know that I badly needed this R and R.

Mcdo Lacson served as the assembly place but ironically when I arrived, not a single soul is present. I sent a text message to TM Jaclyn whom I met before I came in and replied that all of them including Gov. Cherrie flocked to Jollibee for their breakfast. Poor Mcdonalds!

Eight o-clock ticked in my cellphone clock when I saw a group in yellow polo-shirt and the hair of the long-absent toastmaster Jabez. Then I saw Gov. Cherrie in grinning face and waved hi and hello. And suddenly TM Grazy caught my vision as she made a pose beside the huge fa├žade of Mcdo. And the talking went louder and louder. The people around us might just be very tolerant. Forgive our being us.

And then I saw the “demanding” presence of TM Boy. Demanding because he was wearing fuchsia pink. Ahah! And here comes myself in black and white not knowing, it’s actually our official color. Who to blame? Not me.

Off we paraded the long but not winding Lacson street and before I knew it, we were at the venue, CICM. This is my second visit of the place which is really best for contemplation, retrospection and introspection.

The main event commenced with football with a twist. A perfect start maybe? I played football in college as part of my four PE subjects. I could still remember we trotted for long hours under the sweltering heat of the sun with my classmates in the huge Silliman ballfield for the love of the sport and the grade as well. Did my introduction reveal the winner? Hehehe.

Then volleyball came in next. I was told by TM Cyrus that we can’t possibly participate for the lack of a 6-player team. Out of my ferocious spirit, I made myself near to TM Boy G and said that we will compete anyway. The ambitious 4-player team is composed of TM Jabez (serves us our inspiration), the equally strong in spirit Cyrus, and the gregarious daughter of a toastmaster from Sparkle TMC. The sun at 11:30 am may be fierce but not as fierce compared to our doggedness to topple the complete 6-player team from NOCECO. We may be quantatively deficient, but we are qualitatively superior. Peace to Gov Cherrie. Hehehehe.

The “Dama” event was quite interesting. For the innumerable times that I have played the game and at some point in time considered myself a “dama” elite, I didn’t know that it is governed by international rules. Whoa! A game for the prisoners behind bar has international rules?! If you can’t play chess, you play “dama” and that’s me. Hehe. And by the way, if you are interested with the international ruling, you may contact Cyrus of FFTMC.

The cheering competition was the most exciting maybe. It was a showcase of cheers and yells which are statements of exaggeration and falsehood. Peace with a smile. Sparkle amazed the audience (composed of Emmylou, Jabez, Cyrus, and I) with their multihued costume and props, grace in dancing, unity in singing, and mastery in choreography. OMG! I didn’t know I am evaluating already! Huh! Am I in for a trouble! Wait, let me find my way out. Two other clubs also kissed our eyes with beauty and our ears with wit should I say.

We kissed the serenity of CICM with happy thoughts. Enough to create bonds together. Enough to foster new friendship. Enough to forget the busyness of city life.

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