Monday, March 8, 2010

I Kiss FARMVILLE Goodbye

I used to detest Farmville or what they say, virtual farming. It’s loathsome to listen to two individuals exchanging stories like the seeds they have planted, their acquisition of a house or a barn, how much money they have, and how high their levels have gone up.

Until one day, out of…well… clichéd reason…curiosity that I develop an irresistible addiction to it.

The addiction is spelled as waking up in the late hours of the evening just to harves, plow the fields, and plant seeds again. It’s a mortal sin to have plants just wither and die.

One toastmaster friend said to me in the most persuasive way she could, “Honestly Jay, you need a life outside of Farmville”. At that time, I am still into it, meaning, I enjoyed and get relaxed every second doing farming activities. So I did not bother considering her advise.

There were days when I plant seeds and harvest in a span of only four hours just to accumulate more coins and level up. There was stiff competition among virtual farmers. So I make it a point to plant a seed that will give me more coins and more experience points the shortest possible time. Planning is involved here in case you’re asking for a benefit. There was never a day in the office that we will not talk about the seeds we planted, the gifts that we want to receive, and ribbons we have acquired, and the bonuses we have to immediately click before others get the chance. The whole thing was very addicting…at first. Not to mention how proud I was when I bought my Villa worth one million coins.

I was online one time, when another toastmaster friend popped-up a chat message saying, “You are not anymore a child. Stop Farmville and went offline right away”. My chemistry professor even asked me if I already have fresh harvest of milk, poultry, meat, and fruits in my farm. They were not successful.

Gaming is not a bad idea. Farmville is not a bad idea. I bid goodbye because I have exhausted all the fun that it has to offer. Thanks to Farmville for those days that I was inspired and look forward to living each day because I have to plant, plow, and harvest and get richer.

P.S. To all my neighbors who still derive much joy in farming at Farmville, go for gold! Starting today, I will not be anymore sending gifts.

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