Sunday, March 7, 2010


Let's go straight to the point! W-W stands for Work on a Weekend. Sigh. Sob.

If you have just watched a movie on a Saturday or on a Sunday, I envy you. If you have just relaxed thru a body massage and spa, on these days, you're one lucky person! If you have just gulped a cup of caramel macchiato at Starbucks, I hate you so much! These are the things absent in my activity list this particular weekend and its making me sigh and …sob a bit.

Although sometimes, I get burned out or deprived due to the demands of work, I still consider it a blessing. One colleague made a remark when he heard someone who said, "I have so many things to do!". Maybe a little exasperated, he said in reply, "You should be grateful you're busy. That means you are still indispensable in the company. You rant if you have nothing to do. That means, you're near your expiration date." It may be a joke, but I always regard the wisdom of that joke.

Last Friday, I was invited by a friend to a attend a seminar at Business Inn. I am not certain about the content of the seminar but one is for sure. It comes with a free dinner! So who am I to refuse?

After we eat, oh by the way its worth mentioning that the food was great, the real business followed. It’s all about enjoying your holiday vacation at a cheaper cost in the chain of hotels of Astoria Plaza. Membership that is! Well I am fascinated with their package offers which will last for 30 years plus the limitless choice of 5star hotels that you can choose from where you will splurge your money. But I am more fascinated with the length of time their staff can speak, and not only that, speak with zest and gusto and speak to persuade. I am fascinated with their overflowing energy to cajole every prospective customer to buy their product. That must be tedious.

Yes, I am lucky that I don’t need kilometric words to get compensated plus I get my OT pay. Moreover, I didn’t get the opportunity to spend?! That means I should neither sigh nor sob?!

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