Thursday, April 22, 2010


I went out from work earlier than usual yesterday. I am scheduled to meet CTM Sheila in her office at SSS for a toastmaster transaction. It’s been a while. The last time we met, six months ago, it was the same business. The way to SSS was quite a flash. Not until, when I headed to SM, that I am helplessly stuck in traffic jam. The reason? Politics. A motorcade busied the long stretch of Lacson for Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo, both seeking a Senatorial seat. Having learned to be proactive, I grabbed my phone, and sent roles for our members for Monday. No amount of lambasting can make us penetrate the obstruction. It’s delusional!

Twenty ten election is by far the most creative election to date, I believe. Along with the traditional media hype and the demanding presence of pop singers onstage to gather thousands of voters, what startled me most is the daily dose of text messages I received. And the messages don’t speak of platform and track record. They are black propaganda’s. Things like 10 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Noynoy Aquino and five reasons why Manny Villar should be out of your Presidential choice. There was one time, I lost my composure, that I replied to an unknown number, “get lost!” And before I forget, notice how the streets have transformed into a battlefield of the colors, yellow, orange, and green! Isn’t that creative enough?

Up to today, I cannot still understand why politicians can easily forget their timetable and shake all hands they can possibly reach. But in an ordinary day, they don’t reach out to you. We reach out to them. And the process is not at all “breezy”. It’s actually like crossing rivers and mountains before you can take as little as five minutes of their time. If I may mention a historical account, batch 2005 of Silliman made history. When we graduated, we didn’t have a Commencement speaker. The reason? The Senator did not arrive. That is why I am not voting for him in this election.

Now that election is just around the bend, I have been asked who are in my list. And here it goes.

President – Richard Gordon
Vice President – Jejomar Binay

Senators (in no particular order)
1. Franklin Drilon
2. Alexander Lacson
3. Miriam Defensor-Santiago
4. Adel Tamano
5. Liza Maza
6. Pia Cayetano
7. Gilbert Remulla
8. Risa Hontiveros
9. Sonia Roco
10. Ralph Recto
11. Satur Ocampo
12. Sergio OsmeƱa III

I am saddened when colleagues question me why should I vote for them when survey says, they will not win. My reply is simple, “I am voting not based on survey but based on what they have done and what they can do.

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