Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wedding Singer

A month ago, I was invited to sing in a wedding and I was having second thoughts. Uh oh! I know that by now one of your eyebrows streaked upwards. But yes. I became reluctant even though singing is the first word in my vocabulary.

May 1, 2010. Nine days before I turn 26, I became a wedding singer. For the first time!

If you know so well how I have close affinity with music, then you are truly a friend. Most of my testimonials in social networking sites have one thing in common. That is, I sing most if not all the time. My life would be a blur without it. Ever since.

I even have a friend who complained and remarked, “Jay this is already exploitation.” This is when I cajole if not coerce them to sing like a choir with me in blissful illusion of being a choir master. I would excitedly arrange their voices and sing the way it should be sung. If they can’t sing according to my plans, the practice goes on. That’s how I exploit them as what a friend had said.

A month ago, I received this text message. “Jay, ma wedding singer ka!” (Jay you will be a wedding singer!). I replied, “Who’s going to march the aisle?” She replied, “I am getting married”. And that’s how I was invited.

Thoughts filled me in a second. They are lurking in all directions. I, as a wedding singer. Is that even conceivable? So I typed in the keypad, “Hahaha!” This cannot be. Maybe in the reception venue but in the church.” But she was too persistent where “No” is not an option, and so I said yes not knowing what comes next.

I tried to recall my music database if I have a song for a bridal march. Then the song “Ikaw” popped in by Martin Nievera. I sang along but failed. The vocal is just too demanding. If I force the issue, I will just sound like a hungry pig. So I felt giving up. But somehow along the way when I saw the painstaking preparation of a rush wedding, I said to myself, I don’t want to add to the burden of the soon to be couple. So I carried the burden to myself and sought help to some musically-inclined friends. Many suggestions came up.

One night I was browsing my dusty Compact disk organizer and get hold of a CD for wedding. It was already late night so I decided to play it while I lay myself in bed, lights off, and wait ‘til I fall asleep. Track number ten started to play and that’s how hope flickered in me and now excited for tomorrow.

Days rolled by with each line become part of my memory and the melody make a soft, soothing sound in the silence of the night.

And by the time that the music and lyrics meet in perfect harmony, that was the time that I became the official wedding singer!

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