Friday, May 7, 2010


Two days ago, I was literally jumping for joy. Here I am again with my being “shallow” on being happy. I sold two books at eBay. Yippee!

I never thought of selling or should I say becoming an online entrepreneur. Until I get hold and voraciously read Chinkee Tan’s book, “For Richer or For Poorer. I thank the good-hearted TM Emmylou for actually introducing the book to me. I remember a toastmaster friend named TM Gay (I felt the need to name!) who exclaimed that after she read the book she does not want to ride a cabbie anymore. After enjoying our appetite for Hungarian sausage and mashed potato at Imbiss, we almost walked our way home. Huh! But she was still able to coax me to walk a little father to save some coins in our pocket.

I became a member of eBay on March 25, 2009. This piece of information is of course not im my memory bank. I researched it. That time, it was more of an act of feeding my curiosity.

Most books I acquired were classics. To mention a few were A Tale of Two Cities, The Good Earth, Moby Dick.

My first bank deposit to my seller felt like I was standing on loose ground. But not scared enough though. After all, it was just a petty sum of money. So I did try. Huh! Until I developed the addiction of bidding. I remember in less than five minutes, I bid in four items and luckily won. That’s how fast it can be! And exciting too!

Until one day, I saw my room shrinking in space. I have a miniature three-storey shelf already filled with books. That is how selling them came to be the answer. And that’s how I am reunited with EBay. Now I’m into online selling/marketing. And I am very excited of the idea. That is even an understatement.

People who are strictly on a timetable do not have the affluence of time to pick their books in bookstores. There are also those who have the time yet find searching-and-waiting-in-line-to-the-counter very taxing. Any of these two categories would prefer buying on-line. I, for one, am excited to receive a package even though I already expect one.

Nowadays, whenever I am in front of the computer, after I check my mail at yahoo and read rants and melodramatic expose at FB, I open my online store at eBay with heart pounding brimming with a smile!

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