Saturday, May 8, 2010


What I thought to be an ordinary Saturday came out pleasurable with an exhilarating combo of trick and treat.

Saturday morning, I was asked if I am free in the afternoon. I don’t have a toastmasters meeting in the evening so she got a yes. My lab mate, our microbiologist, is thrilled to attend the graduation of her brother in the Negros Summer Workshop by the award-winning director Peque Gallaga. Her brother, a registered nurse, took basic acting. Now, I am excited too! What added more delight to her invitation is the treat she promised.

At around 10:00am, she came out from her room with a frown. She informed me, we will not anymore attend the graduation. Her brother decided not to. I inquired why. She explained that her brother is quite confused what to do with his life. He is torn.

So we had a change of plan. After office, instead of going to Bobs La Salle, we went to Bascon Café Lacson for the promised treat. I was starving when we arrived so I ordered a breakfast meal. I gobbled Hungarian sausage, sunny side-up egg, rice, bottomless orange juice at 5:00 in the afternoon.

Supposedly, her brother will follow. And we will act as advisers. Since when? Well, it would have launched our guidance counseling career.

Until a text message beeped. And guess what? Her brother can’t come. Because right now, he is already inside the Gallaga Theater at the University of Saint La Salle.

We were tricked! All the drama was a well-thought of plan to deceive us. So we cannot go. And so I wonder why. Suddenly I thought maybe there’s a recital where he will act on stage. And probably our presence will just add to his jitters that will render him incorrigible.

So we hurried our way to La Salle. Our steps doubled. When we entered the theater, it was full. People at the back were already standing. And so are we. But it was too late. We did not see her brother’s part. A sister who is just so thrilled to see her brother perform just missed it. The trick was victorious. I could even hear her brother’s well modulated, reverberating cackle.

That was the first time that I saw in person the iconic, long gray-haired Peque Galllaga.

There were short speeches delivered. Some are comical. Some are seriously dramatic. The speech of Peque capped the graduation night. It was both riveting and heart-warming. I quote from his speech, “Work is what you do for others, and Art is what you do for yourself.”

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