Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stories and More!

I am back! When the coffee reaches the brim, it overflows. Exactly how I felt right now. I am quite excited writing again. I have so much in mind that it speaks more than my fingers could transcribe.

Writing relaxes me. It’s rejuvenating. It’s my idea of relaxing a quite busy life for me these days.

As I write this, its 11:00 late night. I just finished attending our 4th Regular Meeting. Earlier, around 7:00 am, I took the hardest step to begin a day. That’s getting up from my bed and remove myself from the blanket of coldness in my room. I am scheduled that day to take my Midterm exam in Iloilo for my Masters which I am already in my second year. Although at times, I felt I am overloaded, I just close my eyes and sleep. That means I need to disconnect from the world. When I wake up, life is a promise again.

Second. I am now the President of Riverside Toastmasters Club. Clap! Haha! Toastmasters has always been a gift to me. In 2007, when I decided to become part of the organization, I felt that it was one of the most important decisions I have made. Not only that fellow Riverside Toastmasters became my second family in Bacolod, they made my Saturdays more fun, more exciting, and more fulfilling. Plus of course the fact that I enjoyed what we do as toastmasters.

Third. I am now exercising. Finally! It took me a while to decide on this. Until one day I just saw myself in front of the mirror. I didn’t like it. Although the result is not quite evident yet, wait. Patience is a virtue, isn’t it! When I attended a one-day seminar on dynamics of personal effectiveness, I learned that one of the seven characteristics of a good leader is they exercise for self-renewal. I said, never mind the six others! Haha!

Oh before I forget, I need your yells and shouts of congratulations! The reason? Just text me.

At the end of the day, life is not purely all about achieving all our goals. The recipe should include enjoying every bit and every minute in the process. That is why when I laugh; it’s as if, it’s going to be my last. Although someone threatened me to count my teeth when I open my mouth in laughter, I am not giving up. I have my two hands anyway. Good night folks!


Ralph Palomar said...

Congratulations for being the new president of Riverside Toastmasters Club!

Jay Cris said...

Thanks Ralph! How's the India Experience?

Anonymous said...

Hi jay! are u? ;-)

Jay Cris said...

Hello joyee! THanks! How's Kentucky, USA? How r u?

Andrea said...

Hi Jay. I did a search for Riverside Toastmasters Club as soon as I got home from the Induction. I was happy to get a good number of results, including several articles that mentioned today's installation of officers. It was because of the search that I found your blog. You must be Riverside's first blogger president. Should make a lot of difference.

I'm looking forward to being part of the club again and to helping the club grow even as I grow. Congratulations.

Jay Cris said...

Hi TM Andrea! As I was listening to your speech last night, I couldnt stopped myself from telling Glory that you are still one gem in toastmasters. Ur brilliance as a speaker should inspire us more to become better speakers! For certain, I will be literally jumping for joy when you will join us again. Long Live Riverside!