Friday, January 7, 2011

Killing the Time Could Be Expensive

It was Wednesday, still cold outside, and I worked on a 3-11 shift. On days like these my sleep usually took longer; no cell phone alarm. That particular day took on a different path because I hadn’t taken my breakfast earlier on. It must be the weather. So I left the house around 1pm because I already could hear my growling, empty stomach. The kind that makes me suffer dizziness and mild headache!

For someone like me who chose not to cook, breakfast is either Jolibee or Chowking. It’s past 1pm when I arrived at the downtown area and while in transit my appetite dictated to eat pork chao fan with toppings - pork siomai and lumpia shanghai. Fyi, I am not Chinese. That combination is by the way what I call my classic order. I mean the kind that when I appear in front of the cashier, she will know my order in a spark and I’m left with saying “right” or an amiable smile, or a customary nod to mean yes. However, Chowking plazamart is under major renovation. I passed by the place thrice but the closed sign still welcomed my gaze. The fourth time that I did, I already gaped. So I thought of eating at Bobs Centroplex and gobbled pansit luglug or palabok. Remember I didn’t have breakfast.

After getting full and satisfied, I checked the time. Still early, I decided to roam around aimlessly and do what people call, killing the time. There is a furniture shop in the area and I was interested to buy a tall solo chair made of wood. I walked around. I explored. I saw none. So I shifted to looking for a bookshelf considering that mine is too small for my books. I inquired and the lady owner, quite nice and accommodating, told me to explore the second floor where their stocks are many. One bookshelf nailed my eyes, picture below, already loaded with my precious book collection. I just couldn't resist to not have it. The next thing I knew was I already took out my wallet and paid. And that’s the story of my killing the time one lazy Wednesday afternoon.

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