Friday, May 27, 2011

Riverside TMC Meeting of the Minds

Presenting to you the movers of my beloved Riverside Toastmasters Club in Bacolod City. This was during the execom meeting last May 26, 2011 at Herom's Place called to nominate the club officers for Toastmaster Year 2011-2012. From l-r. TM Lorna Espartero is the only toastmaster in Division D so far to become President, Area Governor, and Divison Governor. year after year. It was aptly described as meteoric. Next to her is TM Glory Hernia. She is the incumbent Area 33 Governor. She owns Herom's Place. She is Outstanding Area Governor for three consective quarters of District 75.  Then Mario Pao. He is the first Divsion D Governor. An accomplished CPA-Lawyer. Toto Frias is a past president of the club in 1990. Until now he takes care of the club. His love for Riverside is undoubtedly pure and sincere. And yours truly, the incumbent president. During my term I made the club, President's Distinguished Club, the highest recogniton a club can achieve. Then Jess Quiatchon, a 2-time past president of the club. He is the incoming Area 33 governor.


Jet said...

Hala unconsciously na sunod ko imo title... or maybe great minds think alike. =)

Jay Cris said...

hmmmm...i think, therefore i am...hahaha

Jet said...

I think, therefore, you are... ready Jet set go! Hahaha

(I miss this portion in tumblr)