Monday, August 6, 2012

A Room With a View

So here I am in the capital city of RP. Officially as of this writing, this is my longest stay in Manila. As of today, I already survived 2 very long exams. Long as in day long examinations. I arrived on July 23 and stayed in Malayan Plaza in Ortigas. I am sharing my room, 2217, with a fellow chemist from Mandaue Brewery, Joseph Villegas. We used to stay in the 8th floor, 801, but we were advised to transfer due to aircon malfunction. Two weeks and still counting, I have explored Ortigas. That includes the Podium, Robinsons Galleria, and the famous Megamall. Our classes are on weekdays. Mondays are examination days! We have our daily transpo going to Polo Brewery in Valenzuela and in the afternoon we go back to the hotel on our own. It was scary at first. In fact on the first day, we took the cab. On the second day, we rode the bus and the MRT. And on day 3, we tried the FX. Of which after trying everything possible, we resolve to take the train daily. The reason is quite obvious: traffic. The class is quite few in number. It made me remember my college days. We are 10 in class. One is from Cenlab named Kerry Ann. Another lady is Nesfie from R and D. Joseph is from Mandaue; Alvin and Jerico are from San Fernando. Three are from the off-shore breweries. Martin and Peter are from Hongkong; Richardo is from PT Delta; and Kasey from Kirin, Japan.


Ralph Palomar said...

Hi Jay! Sorry we were not able to meet! Quite busy with work as well. I liked your post about Ortigas! I had worked there for five months. I liked the tall buildings and the heavy traffic. LOL. Of course, Megamall!

Jay Cris said...

Megamall was the best home away from home! Hahahhaa! Ubos lng galing ang budget if u cant control shopping!