Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Evaluation and I, The Big Journey!

I arrived in Bacolod just in time for the contest season! Thank God I did not miss The Stage Time.

This year, two contests are held for the Midyear Convention in Tagaytay this October, the Speech to Evaluate and the Humorous Speech Contest. Of course you know very well that I did not join in the Humorous category. But of course I am not giving up! Who knows next year...

And then I realized that I have a long standing relationship with the evaluation contest! It's been 4 years!

Records show that, ahem, pls dont read further...

2008 - area champ
2009 - area champ
2010 - area champ
2011 - i did not join
2012 - area champ

Area 33 just loved me so much! Thank you! Hahahhaha!

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