Sunday, January 6, 2013

College Volleyball Superstars!

My oldest memory on Volleyball dates back in high school. Under the shade of the huge umbrella-like trees, my classmates and I would form two lines, parallel to each other, after class or during breaks. And then we toss the ball, to and fro. No spiking allowed. Whoever throws the ball out will be out as well. He should removed himself from the line. Whoever cannot control the urge to spike gets eliminated too. Some classmates would quarrel with the group when they refuse to be temporarily evicted from the game. Of which these attempts would end up only a waste of time. In case of any protest, I get the ball and stay in the middle. The game will not proceed unless that war-freak removes himself. And because of that, my classmates labeled me the volleyball master, sometimes, the unfair volleyball player. I did not really mind.

I remember one time during a Regional meet, I fearlessly climbed a rusting barbwire to be able to watch the championship game.

Last year, during the Unigames, I never missed any significant game. Day one, I was already actively involved, like I am a player, or an organizer, of that sort. It was in UNO-R, where Ateneo butchered the local UNO-R team. Then hours after, I would transfer to USLS for more games. I saved the schedule in my iPad so I could check the important battles. And that lasted for a week. I ate breakfast and lunch in the venues. I gulped and sipped my coffee in between breaks. It was then that I discovered the English Cafe near the Coliseum and Zen Tea across the USLS campus.

Watching volleyball is just too much to ignore. Perhaps, I am made up of Volleyball cells. Or volleyball genes. Many laughed when I posted in facebook, that after a 1-week overdose of watching LIVE volleyball, I can confidently say that I like Volleyball, I love Volleyball, and well, I am Volleyball! Why not?

UAAP season 75 is on-going. And these are the current college Volleyball Superstars today! Watching them play is jaw-dropping, spine-chilling, and vocally-draining!

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