Saturday, July 30, 2016

Merkado in Art District

The inspiration to write has a switch. But unlike switches wherein you can just press up or down to turn it on, writing belongs to a different kind. To turn it on is like yawning when you feel sleepy. Or running when a mad dog attacks you. Or singing when you hear (or at least when I hear) this on the radio, "When I think of home I think of a place where there's love overflowing..." The process has been like that. Today, I get back to write because I found this beautiful place. I was lost along Lacson Street way past Robinsons Mall, walked under a gloomy sky, when I saw this signage, Merkado, within Art District. No one was inside. That made it more interesting. 

 Inside, this met my eyes.

I have always loved wood furnitures so I stayed and checked the menu. And the music commanded me to stay.

It was cold outside and even colder inside so I decided to get a hot drink - hot cocoa. It was heavenly. And easy on the pocket. And you have the option to use honey as sweetener. Honey, it was so good on the palate. I want more warming, so I ordered, fish tinola.

And yes, they have red rice. In fact, they have black rice too. 

This afternoon is about two things. Getting lost but finding one great place to dine. 

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