Monday, December 22, 2008


There is something about the Christmas season that makes it really special. This time of the year, people are marked with happy faces! There is optimism in the air and the thrill of waiting is beyond definition of the words bliss and ecstasy!

Christmas in the eyes of a child means receiving toys as presents. It means having new polo shirts, pair of socks, and shoes to be worn during the midnight mass. A celebration full of colorful sparklers and incessant blowing of the Christmas horn. These are the memories I remember when I was a child.

Then came the time when we go around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols which most of the time are jarring their celebrations. Unbearable it may be, our neighbors are still gracious to have our presence a joy in their midst.

As a grown-up, the feeling of Christmas nearing is way different. The excitement that escalates as the day draw nearer to Christmas day is apprarenty the same but this time, the reason for the excitement is conspicuously not that of a child. This time, it means giving joy to our family and love ones. Joy that comes not in glittery presents but in the simplest thought that one shares what he has.

There is a dominating feeling of nostalgia for old happy memories with friends and relatives. There is indeed plenty of joy that one can extract from going back to the way it was before, a carefree, simple, and happy self.

Christmas is also the time to retrospect. We try to find meaning in every day that we have lived our life. We dissect past events to fuller vision that will illuminate the days to come. We renew values in life that we have somehow put aside. We evaluate relationships whether they have made us a more distinct person, a person that we really are.

"And so this is Christmas and what have you done?"

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