Saturday, December 27, 2008


Its over! Welcome 2009! This is not about future events; though somehow related.

I still remember in high school when we indulge in discussion about what we want to be. With conviction I would tell my classmates that I wanted to be in the media. Maybe juggling between print and broadcast media. This was the time when I was utterly involved in our school paper publication and joined in many school's press conference. I really thought then that I would take Mass Communication, Creative Writing, or Comparative Literature in college.

The day came when we eagerly queued for enrolment in college. Someone who knew me might say that I am lost in the lines because I enrolled in BS Chemistry, to the surprise of my friends and classmates, even to my self. Maybe the non-conformist in me striked that I could not resist. The biggest challenge from then on is to stand by the decision that I have made. Near our graduation, discussions were focused on the careers we want. All of my classmates envision themselves to be working in the laboratory. This is not however difficult to comprehend after all, four years in the course were spent mostly in the lab. I dont think its the non-conformist in me that striked again that I wanted to teach. No. That is what I wanted. My classmates just smiled. I did not bother to decipher what's in it! I just smiled too.

After passing the Chemists Licensure Exam, barely five months after graduation, I was already in front of my first year nursing students in the University of San Jose-Recoletos teaching biochemistry. It was indeed a fulfilled dream. I enjoyed school everyday; teachers' activities, students' activities, tecaher-student activities. But it only lasted for one semester. Fate has its own way of revealing surprises.

And so I am back to room filled with chemicals from A-Z; glasswares of varrying shapes, forms, and sizes; equipment with different intricacies.

Am I now to where I am suposed to be? Is this what I really wanted? What about my taking Law? Or a PhD in Chemistry?

It is not for me to answer now. The thing is, all the decisions we have made are to our accountability. Not our professors, not our friends, not our families. We find joy and contentment to what we have. We let go of mistakes and learn from them. We are grateful even to the little blessings we receive and we smile at all times and at all cost!

Happy New Year to One and ALL!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

Don't you think the past tense for "strike' is "struck"? ;)